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Custom Resume Writing

Collaborate closely with clients to create custom resumes that highlight their unique strengths, achievements, and career aspirations. We tailor each resume to the specific industry, job function, and level of the client, ensuring maximum relevance and impact.

a man riding a skateboard down the side of a ramp
a man riding a skateboard down the side of a ramp
LinkedIn Profile Optimization

In an increasingly digital world, a strong LinkedIn presence is essential for professional networking and job hunting. We optimize clients' LinkedIn profiles to enhance their visibility, attract recruiters, and showcase their expertise, ultimately increasing their chances of success.

Professional Portfolio Development

For clients in creative fields such as design, writing, or photography, we offer digital professional portfolio development services to showcase their work in a compelling and visually appealing manner to present their best work to potential employers and clients.

Cover Letter Writing:

Preparation is key to success in job interviews. Our interview coaching services equip clients with the skills, confidence, and strategies they need to excel in interviews, from mock interviews to personalized feedback and guidance.

Interview Coaching

Cover letters aren’t dead. A well-crafted cover letter is still a crucial component for some job applications. We provide customized cover letter writing services that effectively communicate clients' qualifications, motivation, and fit for specific roles, helping them stand out from the competition.

As an experienced engineer for over 20 years, having ProCareer Solutions highlight my strengths helped me land multiple opportunities. My improved LinkedIn profile attracted many recruiters and made me relevant to new positions.

Josh Sickling, Sr. Procurement

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